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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
  President Stephen Colbert? Why not?
Gods, how I suck at the blogging. And haven't a whole lot to say at the moment. Big dry spell going on here (could you tell?). But it bugs me that two videos start up the moment you hit this site (due to my own sad failings in the realm of hypertext). More posts needed! (Recommended: Pause the Samantha Bee item from the Huffington Post, two posts down, immediately after landing here. The Green Day video, on the other hand, if it kicks in, just let it roll - awesome tune, great video!)

First things first. To finally put the Samantha Bee does Al Jazeera thing to bed once and for all, The Daily Show now has its own site, and it features the Samantha Bee piece which has been so elusive for so long here. Meaning people bitching and moaning about its unavailability - people like me - now at last must just shut up and move on.

Moving on...

Stephen Colbert has declared his candidacy for the presidency in his home state of South Carolina. Running as a "favorite son." More power to this guy, and anyone else willing to mount an off-the-wall assault on the White House. More of "the same old same old" is just what we don't need. Inspired leadership, anyone? Even comedians? Anyone else at all? No? Then Godspeed, Stephen Colbert!

I'd suggest running anyone - anyone - besides the current crop being offered by the two major parties. Including fictional/imaginary characters at this point. Personally, I think Dumbledore would have made an excellent candidate. But, having been recently outed by his creator, he's no longer viable. America will not support an imaginary presidential candidate if he is gay.

Anyone else out there who might be better than those kicking around in the lackluster field we're looking at now? Forget imaginary or fictional characters, dead people, etc. Is there anyone alive today who you'd like to see in the White House come 2008?

Here's what I'm thinking. It should be someone with good name recognition. And it should be someone with strong views on what they expect for - and from - America. No wishy-washy types need apply. And, ideally, it shouldn't be a career politician. Dodd has been shockingly rational, principled and lucid in his statements about what the next presidency should set out to achieve (and I say that while swallowing a signifigant amount of crow, being one of the many who for so long have found Dodd too smug, entitled, and - most of all - annoying to be taken seriously). So there can always be exceptions. There aren't really any rules here, as it's really an open question: Isn't there anyone else?

My better half proposed Reese Witherspoon and Bruce Springsteen. Is there a sports hero out there, or a television icon, or even a writer or radio personality? Is it Howard Stern you want, America? Because even Howard would be okay by me. Anyone other than the clowns we're being offered this time around. I mean anyone. Porn stars? Sure. Just keep the clothes on and tell America what you think - what you think the problems are, what you think people want, need, and are most worried about, what you think might work to get this country back to where it was before the current gang of crooks and liars took over. I will support you! With my vote, with money, with sign-carrying, with whatever I can give!

Springsteen? Witherspoon? Colbert? [fill in the blank]?

I am strongly tempted to run my cat, Kaz, as a write-in candidate. (Don't laugh, his chances aren't all that bad: he's already had his sculpture added to the memorial in South Dakota - see below.) This nightmare pantomime of democracy is only a year away - we'll see...

Rock-steady as she goes, Kaz!
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