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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  Chronicles of Amber

It was as if I stood at the end of the world, the end of the universe, the end of everything. But far, far out from where I stood, something hovered on a mount of sheerest blackÔÇĽa blackness itself, but edged and tempered with barely perceptible flashes of light. I could not guess at its size, for distance, depth, perspective, were absent here. A single edifice? A group? A city? Or simply a place? The outline varied each time that it fell upon my retina. Now faint and misty sheets drifted slowly between us, twisting, as if long strands of gauze were buoyed by heated air. The mandala ceased its turning when it had exactly reversed itself. The colors were behind me now, and imperceptible unless I turned my head, an action I had no desire to take. It was pleasant standing there, staring at the formlessness from which all things eventually emerged . . . .

~The Hand of Oberon, Chapter 6

The quote above is from the fourth book of The Chronicles of Amber. While the image opening this post is from the fifth and final book (of the original Corwin Cycle, anyway). Have some thoughts on this amazing series, but no time right now to record them. So just the excerpt above and a few images borrowed from here and there. More later...

(Meanwhile, fans of Zelazny's Amber, a quiz for you.)
Hey, are you still writing your sequel? Oh, and my blog is finally up and working again so my loving family might want to check it out sometime??

I liked what you have so far, it's very interesting and follows the same style as the orginal writings. Love you and see you in two weeks!
Ah, Sio, how long has your comment been here? I've been very lax about checking in here, due mainly to a near-total lack of inspiration. But, in the absence of inspiration there's always recitation. And I was merely quoting the late great Zelazny himself in the opening piece, where Corwin looks for the first time (as an adult) upon the fabled Courts of Chaos.

The "writing" of the pseudo-sequel has taken the form of extensive research and brain-storming (though barnstorming would doubtless have been more fun). Was about to engage in true writing, actual and real, so stopped in here and found your message.

Meaning a trip to TheoreticalDeviation is a must. Or "in the cards," as a Prince or Princess of Amber might say...
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