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Sunday, November 13, 2005
  One last look...

Obsession with Firefly's movie Serenity over? Well, no, not quite. But I will try to cut way back on posting about it. Thought I was done doing so, in fact, when I came across an actual bucketful of images from the movie at this site: Joss Whedon's SERENITY (CHUD.com). Which is where I found the image featured in this post (top left). They may get somewhat cranky about my importing their jpeg. And then block access to it from here. They're kind of "in your face" over at CHUD.

Not to worry, though. Because there's an even better site for Firefly images and info. But only for Firefly. Nothing for Serenity, but what they have for Firefly is plenty. Two Evil Monks' Guides is the place. The Two Evil Monks never completed work on the site, however, so not every episode is uploaded. But what can you expect? They're evil monks, remember? Still, some fun captures from the series are available, with evil (aka "witty") commentary. Such as...

"Fixed the nonsensical Bible, saw yer crazy hair, so... Keep walkin', preacher man."

[Edit: Damn! Post some fun links to images from a great TV show and an awesome movie based on that now-cancelled show, and what happens? Someone brings to your attention a majorly cool site you've completely overlooked. The Two Evil Monks still provide links to a network of Firefly-related sites, and caption shots from the episodes with amusing remarks which make me laugh. But for images, you'll have a tough time finding a place which rivals Can't Take The Sky - a Firefly site. As an example, there's "I'll be in my bunk." (Which is good for a laugh if you've seen the episode "War Stories" and know the context.) Would really like to put the image up here, but Julie is so polite about requesting this not be done that the guilt cannot be borne. Since I'm here, what else? Well, there are links a-plenty out there, easily found. But, just for straight info, FireflyWiki.org is excellent. Movie site - not official (as far as I can tell) is sort of interesting, but for movie info it really has to be the truly official Serenity DVD - Serenity Movie (Universal Studios), where among other things you will learn the DVD of the movie is going to be in stores this December 20th. A kind of time capsule still maintained by Fox (in order to help sell their phenomenally hot DVD set of the series, of course): FIREFLY - complete series (Fox). FireflyFans.Net is probably the best fan-site available. Okay, that's it. I think I'm done editing this post, but you never know...]
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