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Saturday, November 05, 2005
  Once upon a time...
...these two people of Irish-Catholic descent, met and fell in love under a portrait of JFK.

They married and had a child, though disappointed that the baby was a girl. (That would be me) They decided to have another go at it, and child number 2 was born on November the 4th.

She was adored by her parents, and early on, adored by her older sister. I even liked her fivehead.

The older sister (just to remind you, that would be ME) began to notice something. Child number 2 was captivating and intelligent, she was vocal and charming. She was the shiznit of the household and she was taking all the attention away from child number 1. She required not one, but two people to feed her.

She was bossy too.

Whenever our parents had our relatives over, they would fawn all over child #2. I was getting pushed out of the picture, literally. ( I would be the one slumped over in the red shorts, behind my aunt's back, she would be the one cushioned in her bosom)

She hated dressing up, and she could not wait to get outside and play with the boys.

Despite all that, she remains to be one of my most favorite people in all the world. I enjoy hanging out with her. She is intelligent and funny, opinionated and compassionate, talented and cute. I love and adore her.

Happy Birthday!
Awww, thanks. I'm crying now!
What an attractive family! The parents, the kids, even the aunts and cousins. And that rather elegant and regal lady with the long blonde tresses! Good family to marry into, I'd say.

And I suspect that fivehead probably makes the birthday girl 25% smarter than the rest of us.

You know, that shiznit thing has been known to be a fickle quantity. Over the years, it can shift about quite a bit, alighting on this person, then that one. Kind of like a rotating presidency. (Think European Union.) So beware! You never know who could be next. It might even be...


Nah, no chance of that, but it is a bit like spin-the-bottle. Once upon a time, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was the shiznit where I come from. Didn't last, and I'm not one bit sad about it.

Anyway, yours is a really great post, and an excellent birthday present bestowed by one sister upon another. I didn't cry like your other respondent. But I'm pretty sure I chuckled.
I thought this was the most effective way to make you cry! And I totally did not notice that Aunt B had her back to me like that til I scanned the pic!! I felt vindicated and accurate ;-)

Happy Birth day anyway.

And Loka, you always say *just* the right thing :-D
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