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Friday, September 09, 2005
  I'm having the crappiest day

I am having a no good, very bad day. I constantly lecture my kids about how, when something bad happens in the morning, like you spilled your cereal, that you should not write off the rest of the day. I try to practice that, I reallyreally do. Today though, all bets are off. I was running late for work this morning and I was passed on the right by some lady, who was kind enough to wave at me with her middle finger (I do not know what I did to deserve that). I had a rough-ish work day. I had a chat with my son's teacher who told all his friends that. "My Mom says Ms, L (a teacher at school) is a big, fat Pig" )(Maurinsky is laughing at that)I stopped at THE SAME bank I stop at EVERY TWO WEEKS to cash my check and the teller would not cash it without a second form of id. They always cash my check...I gave her a Home Depot Credit Card, which she said is not id, it has to be a non-store credit card.
*Sigh* I came home and called up a friend to vent and she said, "Can I call you later? I'm watching "Judging Amy""


I just burst into tears! I totally took that as "a tv show, a repeat for godssakes, is more important than me". to put the icing on the proverbial cake, I am hosting a sleepover party for eight 13 year old girls tonite

I guess some days are just like that.
Oh, man! Your son has inherited his aunt's inability to keep her mouth shut!
"*Sigh* I came home and called up a friend to vent and she said, "Can I call you later? I'm watching "Judging Amy""

;) You obviously called the wrong friend! :) I never watch Judging Amy!
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