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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
  Running with Scissors

Maurinsky! You did not tell me this was being filmed?!

I lovedlovedloved this book!

From Augusten Burroughs website:

"Running with Scissors is currently shooting in Los Angeles. The picture will be released in theatres before Christmas of this year.

The cast includes:
Annette Bening........ Deirdre Burroughs
Gwyneth Paltrow........ Hope
Jill Clayburgh........ Agnes Finch
Brian Cox........ Dr. Finch
Joseph Fiennes........ Neil Bookman
Evan Rachel Wood........ Natalie
Alec Baldwin........ Norman Burroughs
Vanessa Redgrave........ Joranne
Joseph Cross........ Augusten Burroughs
Kristen Chenoweth.......Fern
The screenplay was written by Ryan Murphy who will also direct. Mr. Murphy is the 2005 Golden Globe winning (Best television series, drama) creator, writer, director and executive producer of the hit series, Nip/Tuck. Brad Pitt co-produces the picture and it will be released through Sony Miramax."

I like Brian Cox as Dr. Finch. I am relieved that Kathy Bates was not cast as Agnes. I have a feeling that Evan Rachel Wood is too slim for a Natalie (although she has the right look). Kristen Chenoweth as Fern. No way!?! Gwyneth...I saw Hope as more a Liv Tyleresque, though I suppose Gwynnie could pull it off ( a la Tenenbaums).
I didn't know it was being filmed!

I'm glad you loved it. His childhood was way crazier than ours, but still, couldn't you relate?
On the casting:

Unless I'm thinking of the wrong guy, isn't Brian Cox kind of tall and not rotund to play Dr. Finch?

Joseph Fiennes is perfect for Neil Bookman, though. He's exactly what I pictured.
Gabrielle Union plays Dorothy!

I love the Bookman casting.
Okay, I just figured out who Brian Cox is - I had confused him with Ronny Cox.
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