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Friday, July 22, 2005
  My favorite double feature

I am guessing it was the early 80's. Maurinsky and I were staying at my cousin's home in Long Island. It was scary movie night in the basement. It was a cute, finished basement, but still...basement.

The first movie was not so much scary. It was, in my opinion a compelling movie. Dirk Benedict was a research assistant to a mad scientist who was obsessed with snakes. The scientist uses Dirk as his guinea pig and starts injecting him with some sort of serum that eventually turns him into a snakish freak. It was a movie I'll never forget, as I totally got into it!

It was awful because our cousins, rambunctious brothers roughly our age, were fooling around and making snake noises throughout the entire movie.

Look! You can purchase this on dvd:


The second movie? SCARY! First: Karen Black, the High Priestess of Telehorror. Second: The Chauffeur Third: a summer rental for an unbelievably low fee, with just one little catch... Fourth, Fifth, Sixth: The Chauffeur. The Chauffeur. The Chauffeur.

Karen Black looks not so scary here. I guess the Zuni possessed Karen Black wasn't in the character description.

There. That is the Karen Black I know and love.

(Trilogy of Terror, another cool flick)

Karen does creep out a bit in Burnt Offerings. I hate to give away the ending, let's just say there was something very creepy going on in that attic.


This is the *catch*! You can rent out lovely estate for only $900.oo for the summer, you just have to mind Grandma. She lives in the attic. Oh no, she won't bother you a bit. Just leave a plate of food outside her door every day. She may look out the scary attic window in a menacing way...just ignore.

The most terrifying part of this movie was The Chauffeur. Now, I think he appeared in a dream sequence. He had the creepiest smile *Shiver*. Here is an awesome review of Burnt Offerings.

I remember that night like it was yesterday. As much as I was scared (and oh, yes, I was scared), I remember my stomach aching from laughing so much.
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